13 lipca 2017

Projekt Dream Makers

Project No.2016-1-PT01-KA201-023005 Name of project: „Dream Makers”

Projekt prowadzony w ramach programu Erasmus+, prowadzony przez Przedszkole Rochinha w Funchal (Portugalia), Uniwersytet w Kadyksie (Hiszpania) i Uniwersytet Zielonogórski. Projekt dotyczy wspierania rozwoju dzieci w wieku od 2 do 6 lat. Jego celem jest opracowanie metody twórczego rozwoju dzieci dzięki  zaproponowanym oddziaływaniom. The project „Creativity, Multiple Intelligence and 3D printing in pre-school for disadvantage children” which acronym is Dream Makers, aims to enhance creativity skills in children age 4 to 6, making use of Gardner Multiple Intelligence Theory and 3D technology. Dream Makers is a project funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union with a starting date of 01-09-2016 and an end date of 31-8-2019. The project focus is the development of skills in creativity, multiple intelligence and 3D technology in pre-school children in economic disadvantage situations and also develop bilingualism. Focusing on the development of children inner skills we can help them gain abilities to deal with present and future difficult situations and by bringing together these different concepts and promoting technology use we are providing them with the tools to survive and to improve their future time perspective. Activities with children will include a „Creativity Day” where children will develop their creativity skills and the 8 intelligence emphasized by Gardner theory. All activities being develop with the children will be compile in a manual, our intellectual output, that will be freely available for all who desire to promote a new creative approach to education in pre-school.   Strona internetowa: 


  Koordynator projektu:

  • dr Marzanna Farnicka  e-mail: m.farnicka@wpps.uz.zgora.pl Instytut Psychologii Wydział Pedagogiki, Psychologii i Socjologii Uniwersytet Zielonogórski
  • Rua do Coronel Cunha, nº 2A Funchal, Madeira, 9060-082, Portugal infantariodarochinha@gmail.com +351291280410 +351291280370 +351919100335
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